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About Beat Uniforms

Beat School Uniforms is a unique new concept devised by Beat School Uniforms Ltd.

Beat School Uniforms Ltd is an established market leader producing innovative clothing and accessories. We have built up a worldwide base of factories, offering the latest fashion ideas from t-shirts to complete product ranges.

Working directly with factories enables us to cut out any middlemen. We are able to offer the most competitive pricing and believe that on a like for like basis, our pricing policy is unbeatable.

We can create a complete range of clothing to suit all your needs. We will take your ideas and budget to create working design boards while offering you different suggestions on fabrics, branding and designs, this will be followed by samples of the selected lines.

As the industry becomes increasingly demanding, Beat School Uniforms Ltd is at the forefront, giving our clients what they require. By working with a company who specialise in bespoke garments ensures your range is specific to your needs as well as unique to you.

The idea for Beat School Uniforms came when I went to buy new uniform for my children. I was appalled at the ridiculously high prices charged by the high street stores and hated the fact that the price increased with the size of the garment. I realised that I could make better quality uniforms at lower prices.

So after discussions with the school we have produced this fabulous website with uniform according to their specific requirements.